Glass and Glazing

Wanting to protect your windows and avoid marks and mess, then this is the film for you! It protects windows from plaster, paint, sanding dust and dirt and its waterproof adhesive grips securely to interior and exterior windows.

Packexe Glass & Glazing is available in three widths and can be purchased with a lightweight dispenser for smooth coverage. The film is perforated for easy detachment from the roll with a simple twist action.

Disclaimer: This film is not effective on carpet or flooring as it will shift, creating an unsafe surface.

Made in the UK

Sizes available

416mm width x 75 metre length (31.2m2)
625mm width x 25 metre length (15.6m2)
625mm width x 100 metre length (62.5m2)
1250mm width x 100 metre length (125m2)

Prices per roll excluding VAT

Selected size: 1250mm x 100m

£26.74 (Ex-VAT)

Packexe Glass & Glazing Self Adhesive protection roll

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